Traducao De I Accept The Terms In The License Agreement

If additional conditions, subscriptions, rights or licenses related to the licensed software under this license are agreed in writing by the licensee, these conditions are also included by reference and are part of the license. However, if you terminate any infringement of this license, your license will be reinstated provisionally by a specific copyright holder (a) provisionally, unless the copyright holder terminates your license expressly and definitively and (b) permanently if the copyright holder does not reasonably notify you of the infringement before 60 days after the termination. In the following three paragraphs, a “patent license” is any explicit agreement or obligation. B not to claim a patent (for example, an express authorization to exercise a patent or an obligation not to file a patent infringement complaint). “granting” such a patent license to a party is to enter into such an agreement or obligation not to obtain a patent against the party. You can send literal copies of the program`s source code as soon as you get it in any media, provided you post an appropriate copyright note on each copy; Keep intact all mentions indicating that this license and all unauthorized conditions that are added in accordance with Section 7 apply to the code; Keep all references to the lack of guarantee intact; and give all recipients a copy of this license with the program. Nothing in this license should be construed as limiting or limiting a tacit license or other defences to violations that are otherwise available to you under existing patent law. An interactive user interface displays “appropriate legal indications” to the extent that it contains a practical and significantly visible function, which (1) displays a corresponding mention on copyright and (2) tells the user that there is no guarantee for the work (except to the extent that guarantees are provided) that licensees can transmit the work under that license and how a copy of that license is displayed. If the interface contains a list of user commands or options, z.B a menu, an important item in the list meets this criterion. You can transmit a work based on the program or modifications to create it from the program in the form of a source code in accordance with Section 4, provided you meet all these conditions: Notwithstanding any other provision of this license, you have permission to link or combine covered works with a gnu General License work in a single work combined.

, and pass on the resulting work. The terms of this licence continue to apply to the part that is the work covered, but the work to which it is combined remains governed by version 3 of the GNU General Public License. “Additional authorizations” are conditions that complement the terms of this licence by providing for exemptions to one or more of its conditions. Additional authorizations applicable to the entire program are treated as if they were included in that licence, as long as they are valid under existing legislation. If additional permissions apply only to one part of the program, that part can be used separately among these authorizations, but the entire program is subject to that license without taking into account additional permissions. A contributor`s “essential claims” are all claims that belong to or are controlled by the contributor, whether acquired or acquired later, that would be violated by a manner permitted by that licence to produce, use or sell the contribution version, but contain no claims that would only be prejudiced as a result of a further modification of the contribution version.

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