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On February 29, 2020, the United States and the Afghan Taliban signed a peace agreement in Doha, Qatar, to end the long war in Afghanistan. The agreement contains much of the same terms that were agreed in September 2019, but were cut by President Trump. Essentially, this agreement requires the withdrawal of U.S. forces and the Afghan coalition in exchange for a promise that the Taliban would not allow terrorist groups to operate on Afghan soil. However, the agreement is based on several assumptions that will make its success problematic. This agreement requires an Afghan government operating in Kabul, with which it will be possible to negotiate. The recent Afghan presidential elections have not upset those responsible, but the waters. The failure of the presidential election took place last September, but the vote counting process was so confusing and controversial that the winner was not announced until 18 February 2020, almost five months after the election. The erroneous and controversial elections led to a controversial and divided government in Kabul, which led to a deadlock over those responsible and made it difficult to implement the next stage of the peace agreement. As a result, the Taliban, with a weak or divided government in Kabul, will be in a stronger position to dictate the terms of an agreement on the future of Afghanistan that would be favourable to their position. First, it is not known how the United States and its allies can judge whether the conditions for the total withdrawal of the armed forces are met and whether the United States will be able to renegotiate and ultimately lift sanctions against the Taliban. The first 135 days of the agreement passed and the United States reduced the military force to 8,600 and withdrew the troops from 5 bases, as stipulated in the agreement between the United States and the Taliban and the joint declaration with the Afghan government.

However, Taliban attacks have intensified following the signing of the agreement across the country and it remains to be seen whether and how the United States will respond. The UN Sanctions For Afghanistan Monitoring Team also expressed concern [PDF] about the ability of the United States and the UN Security Council to lift sanctions against the Taliban because of their links to Al Qaeda, and whether it will be possible to combat the Taliban`s dependence on drug trafficking out of greed. Because the agreement contains language on various measures that the Afghan government should take, its failure to participate in the talks has created an obstacle to future negotiations and has angered Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and other Afghan officials.

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