Compromise Agreement Vawc

Hello, po. I ask for advice on my brothers` situation. his wife left him with the two children of 6 months and 5 years. She left because she wanted to work in Manila and will leave custody of the children to her siblings in another province. She told my brother that it was better to separate her because she did not want to live in our province where my brother works. I understand that both children should be in the custody of the mothers until they are over 7 years old. My brother can at least have visitation rights for the children. And if we take legal action against her, we can use the argument that she is not actually taking care of the children, but her sisters. What are we going to do, we tried everything to talk to her, but she didn`t want to work with us.

She only wanted the children for herself and doesn`t want to compromise. Thank you for your answers in advance. . .

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