Cotonou Agreement Criticism

Even before the formal talks began, the post-Cotonou debate was followed by an existential question: is a “Post Cotonou” really necessary? Is an agreement between the EU and the former colonies of the Member States (in fact few Member States) still relevant? Are not the three regional components (Africa, Caribbean and Pacific) too different to be effectively addressed by the same framework? The achievements of the Cotonou Agreement are to be discussed from 1 September. However, the problem is that nothing is provided for if this deadline is not respected. As a result, five of the six “strategic priorities” that make up the framework agreement are almost complete and agreed (there are “few parentheses” left diplomatically and “the final text”). The sixth priority is migration and mobility. Which, on the contrary, is not yet almost finished and agreed. As far as regional agreements are concerned, the situation is similar. . . .

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