Torrens University Enterprise Agreement

The national load of undergraduate students, exposed to the demand system, has further decreased, but the end of this policy was supposed to give the university time to rebuild itself and its overall load increased by 6% and 5% in 2016 and 2017. At present, an Australian university with fewer than 10,000 students would struggle to maintain a wide range of strong programs and research in all its fields, which many deem necessary to be a comprehensive university. Recently, downsizing and pay cuts have been made even easier by the prospect of universities attending Murdoch University denouncing their company agreement with higher salaries and better dismissal provisions than basic allocation. Read more: Significant student growth threatens the sustainability of the university system Bond University announced in 2016 a student load of only 5,645, a 7% drop since 2009. But the student load has recovered in the last three years…

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