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Covid-19 – The National Employers, Fire Brigades Union and the National Fire Chiefs Council have agreed on a number of additional tasks and a process to expedite the introduction of all other necessary activities and review cases. From March to October, firefighter volunteers helped fight the pandemic, delivered more than 111,000 important items to people in danger, helped paramedics and drove ambulances in more than 87,000 incidents and delivered 25,000 PSA units. 68,000 disposable masks were assembled and 32,000 food packages packaged. “We finally have a COVID-19 vaccine and after helping so many people in their communities through this pandemic, firefighters will want to play their part in introducing mass vaccinations. The most recent agreement initially applies until January to ensure that the brigades comply with all security measures to go beyond. Fire standards are expected to apply shortly, subject to agreement on the scope: among the 14 additional areas of work of the tripartite agreement are the installation of disposable face panels for frontline care and care staff, packaging/packaging of food reserves for people at risk, transfer of patients to and from the night hospital, Helps take samples for COVID 19 antigen testing, drive ambulances without blue lights, driving instructions, face masks for clinical and NHS frontline staff, provide psa and other medical aids, help rescue services drive and assist patients/ambulances, move the deceased and help the most vulnerable through delivery. The agreement allows firefighters to help other public sector organizations track, track and isolate measures and verify that potentially riskier premises are safe from COVID. As you have seen in our blog series on the reform of the fire and rescue services, there is no doubt that considerable efforts are being made throughout Britain to reform our fire and rescue services. In his most recent blog “Firing on all Cylinders,” NFCC President Roy Wilsher said: How departments care for their employees, especially their ethnic and vulnerable employees. A new agreement has been reached between the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) and firefighters` employers to allow firefighters to help with the implementation of COVID-19 vaccines in Britain. The National Employers, fire Brigades Union and the National Fire Chiefs Council have agreed on the following statement, which adds four more areas of work that can be done by firefighters – mounting disposable face plates for the NHS and frontline care staff; Packaging/repackaging of food stocks for vulnerable persons and transfer (emergency or non-emergency) of known or suspected COVID 19 and non-COVID 19 patients. What services are being provided during the pandemic and what has been the impact of the tripartite agreement between the National Fire Chiefs Council, the National Employers and Fire Brigades Union? 2.

improve the way firefighters and rescue services recruit, train, direct, manage and manage their staff.

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