Dennis Block Rental Agreement

Bruce gave an example of how someone bought a property and discovered that it had been reoccupied by someone who had just moved into that property. It`s something Dennis said he sees all the time. The scenario is that you have an empty house that you are willing to sell, and if you come to the property, you will see a family living there. The person says they are the tenant and they pay the rent. Then the landlord will say that they are the landlord and wonder to whom the rent is paid. They will tell whom they pay the rent and post a lease. Your first thought will be to call the police, because the people in your house are overtaking each other. The police will be there to question people, and in most cases, the police won`t do anything. You will say that this is a civil matter.

People will call Dennis, and his company will drop off an illegitimate inmate. In this case, he is called a forced detainee, so dennis must go through a case of regular eviction to dislodge someone from his own property. It is as if someone goes into a bank and robs it, and the owner of the bank has to go through a legal process to drive the person out of the bank. That`s crazy. Yet they have rights as soon as they show up in the property and close the door. If you call the police and they think there is a transgressor, they will sometimes tell them to leave the house immediately, or they get arrested. If the resident is attached to his story and says he has a lease and has paid his rent, that could be true in some cases. There have been times when they complained about Craigslist or somewhere on land they had nothing to do with, and when people got there, they took their deposit money and showed them the premise. They spent the day collecting the money from the deposit and perhaps rented it.

The person in the dwelling is the one who can really be the victim. In any case, even if the person paid for the property, they do not own, because the property is not the person to whom you paid the money. If the buyer intends to move in immediately, the protruding property would not be the one for them.

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