Imsi Transfer Agreement

COMPETITIVE AIRTIME RATES We have direct partnerships (national roaming agreements) with local 3G/LTE companies, which are aligned with wholesale local rates. A multi-IMSI map can also be remotely changed via over-the-air (OTA) technology. However, the difference is that it can host multiple identities, each with multiple operator roaming agreements, which means there may be the best possible coverage wherever the device is located. However, such an automatic application may not currently be available in many countries and, if it is available, it could be too expensive for MNOs to provide it. In this case, it may be necessary for the end user to manually modify the IMSI by roaming abroad from Home IMSI to Roaming IMSI and manually modify the IMSI from Roam IMSI to Home IMSI when the end user returns to their home network. This can be done z.B. with a Sim Tool Kit app. In addition, as described above, it is possible to switch from Home IMSI to IMSI roaming and vice versa only if the domestic network has reached an agreement with the network visited. Operators must develop new bilateral agreements with selected partners and continue to use hub-based services for other destinations, which can be costly and time-consuming. To offer roaming services to their subscribers, mobile network operators (MNOs) or mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) must enter into roaming agreements with any operator in each country.

Roaming hubs give MNOs or MVNOs access to your hundreds of roaming agreements and their infrastructure. A participant can then switch to networks with which the participant`s home network operator has entered into a roaming agreement. When a participant walks on a foreign network, they can get into one of the many communication networks available within the geographic area concerned and have a roaming agreement with the original network. BroadForward Multi-IMSI Roaming (MIR) enables operators to provide sponsored roaming services for voice/SMS and data data services. The basic network signaling solution allows for a wide range of flexible signaling functions, such as. B dynamic IMSI translation between sponsor IMSI and Home Mobile Network IMSI for multi-IMSI scenarios based on eSIM and SIM. The BroadForward multi-IMSI roaming solution is used by operators around the world, including Europe`s largest group of mobile operators. Sponsored Roaming Services For operators around the world, it is worth offering sponsored roaming services. This allows them to direct inoperative roaming by business partners to their network and to use the (regional) coverage and roaming agreements of their roaming partners. This means that these partners can provide their subscribers with direct and (local) access to roaming, and are not required to set up their own global network of partners and roaming agreements. It would take years. The sponsored roaming service allows operators to offer their partner`s subscribers better international coverage at lower costs, while maintaining their own phone number.

A SIM usually contains only an IMSI. If the home network of this IMSI does not have a roaming agreement with the network to which one of your devices must be connected, it cannot connect to that network. None of your other devices either. The main problems of each IMSI are the lack of coverage and vulnerability to network errors. With only one IMSI, the SIM is geographically dependent, which means that it can only be connected to a specific operator in the country that is part of the IMSI. For example, the SIM could only join “T-Mobile” in Germany.

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